Laris Chandra is supported by talented individuals in each division

while taking advantage on the latest technology that the world has offer.

Always giving 110% as its
the EXTRA 10% that everyone remembers

🕸️ Sales

Relentlessly enters all available channel such as general trade (workshops, spare part, accessories, hardware, wholesale trading) and modern trade (supermarket, hypermarket, hobby, specialty). Sales are backed by online device to enter orders and plan out the best route for customer visits via GPS.

🔬 Development

Continuously develop new products based on market demand and technology advances. Our R&D has the capability to performance test our products against competitors and reiterate for improvements in order to exceed meet customers expectation.

🖥️ Creative & Digital

This greatly keep our products branding and message consistent throughout our customers' marketing endeavors. In house creatives allow us to be more agile in trying out new photography, videography and digital imaging techniques and ideas while keeping hundreds of product information well marketed to the public.

🚚 Distribution

Major cities in Indonesia are covered by our own internal logistic team who distribute our products into save hands. Our drivers are equipped with live location GPS so that they can plan and remain in constant update with base. Mobile device are used to capture conditions on product handover and also allow an instant validation for stock update with the central system.

✅ QC

Team of QC Inspector scour any incoming, inprocess and outgoing products for any defects so that it will not reach the customers. Any issues are brought up to be solved through our integrated Nonconformities portal in order to weed out the root cause and improve future quality standard.

📖 Learning Center

Laris Chandra Learning Center maintained by HR, develops programs that are designed to increase the effectiveness our organization from basic to advanced product knowledge, leadership and negotiation skills to the entire spectrum of creating, managing, and cultivating the employer-employee relationship.

💳 e-Commerce

Dedicated e-Commerce team serve 20+ Official Stores that are integrated with our OmniChannel solution. The team curates, promotes, pick and pack orders throughout the day in order to meet customers' demand while keeping a high satisfaction, high chat responsiveness and extremely low return & defects.

🛒 Procurement

Continuous identification of reliable new suppliers for raw & packaging material. Our team regularly audits and discuss for ways to improve efficiency and quality in order to steadily increase product standard while keeping our products affordable for the masses.

🔮 Marketing & Promotion

The digital era brought a breakthrough towards digital platform and how brands can reach its users. We are capable of planning, designing and executing digital marketing activities on major ads platform and social media. Our team is able to organise corporate gathering events and exhibitions all over Indonesia.

🛰️ IT

Combining the latest Cloud and inhouse Solution to support Laris Chandra's growing digital footprint from the running of all of our corporate and brand websites, online ERP system to networking that has to be running 24/7. Supported by enterprise class Big Data and Business Intelligence to allow for data driven business critical decisions.

💱 Finance

Finance Division prepare budgetary analysis, forecasting and tax planning while having regular conformance audits. Ensuring the company remains profitable and able to fulfill all its liabilities to vendors, staffs, local and state taxes.