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Laris Chandra has a broad portfolio of leading Automotive and Fastener products that includes Automotive lubricants, fluids, exterior interior care and Hardware screws and rivets. We are focused on driving innovation and providing exceptional customer service.


Laris Chandra supports multiple distribution channels covering General Trade, Modern Trade, B2B Corporate Fleets and Online B2C channel to ensure that our product presence can fulfill market needs.


Direct Customers


Online Customers


Since 1988, manufacturing division of Laris Chandra has produced screws, rivets under SIP and CHW brands. The two brands complements each other and are the market leader in Indonesia’s wood screw industry. Special automotive chemical is also blended and filled for retail-ready packaging for distribution in Indonesia and South East Asia.

Export & Import

High quality car care and household products are imported from major country such United States, China, and Europe to fulfill customer needs in Indonesia while locally produced products are exported to South East Asia.

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Synergizing traditional marketing with digitalisation is essential in realizing the full potential of the company as the world moves at a every faster pace while customers’ demands in quality and service level continues to evolve unrelentingly.

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